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Yush, Faint Frequency
The service is easy to use and caters to a broad audience of taste maker DJs and producers. We at Faint Frequency enjoyed using the service and recommend it to others who need exposure.

Yush, Faint Frequency

Andy Ward, Soul Heaven
AheadPR is much better [than other promo services]. It gets me music i wouldn't generally listen to... there is a lot of better music on there now and a good diversity, which is always good.

Andy Ward, Soul Heaven

Rogiers (Alicia Keys, Platinum Piped Pipers)
We have been thoroughly delighted with your efforts. Our site traffic, sales, and general visibility have grown impressively since having AheadPR on board. Thank you for a wonderful campaign.

Rogiers (Alicia Keys, Platinum Piped Pipers)

Great to see Andy Compton on the cover of IDM Mag! http://t.co/sYDwOwhwSs