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    You may also include:

    - Artist biography
    - Press photos
    - and embed a video!
  • Promo page

    Preview the promo page you have just created.
    This is what DJs, Press and Radio are going to see.

    The form at the bottom of the page will allow them to leave their feedback.

    *Note: Feedback is necessary before downloading. So you know exactly who has your music!
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    If you have relevant industry contacts, why not including them in your campaign?

    Take advantage of our great interface and save time.

    You can import single contacts or whole lists.
    They will receive the promo just like our users.
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    Now select the promo package you wish to purchase.
    We offer a variety of solutions to fit within your budget.

    The Bundle package is our most complete option and has been created for best results and value for money!

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    Now you are ready to start your campaign, by sending out the promo email.

    It will reach the inboxes of the DJ, Press, Radio and Promoters within your selected music genres (according to the promo package you selected).

    We always send relevant content to the right people!

    (i.e. we won't send Gilles Peterson a Rock album, nor a Jazz tune to Sasha!)
  • Feedback report

    Time to see the results!

    Log on to your control panel, and watch the feedback literally as it comes in. You will start receiving it in a matter of hours!

    Check back as often as you would like, and at the end of your campaign, download the whole feedback report as a convenient PDF file.

    Easy uh?
  • Statistics

    We went another step ahead as now you can also access statistics!

    Find out which of your tracks has received the most support;
    What the overall feeling is regarding your release;
    And what country has been the most supportive!

    Another useful solution, to save you time and money, and help you progress in the music industry.