Can anyone sign up for promotion on AheadPR?

No.  We make sure to keep our quality standard high, rather than being greedy. We ask our clients to submit their work and wait 24/48 hours for approval. If the quality gets the thumbs up, then it goes on.

What do I get from the promotion with AheadPR?

You get your music exposed to DJs, journalists, radio stations, label A&R’s, club owners and promoters, and in general industry workers who are interest in knowing who’s the next talent in the industry.

How many contacts are in AheadPR's database?

You can check our database growth in real time at the bottom of this page www.aheadpr.com/offers

Are the contacts targeted to suit a specific genre or is it a generic list?

AheadPR’s contacts are tidily organised.
We won’t send Pete Tong a Rock track, or Gilles Peterson a Trance tune. Everyone will receive contents suitable to their tastes and involvement.

Does AheadPR retain any percentage of licensing deals of bookings I might get as a result of the promotion?

No. Our job is to help you get more work/maximise exposure for your project. Whatever you get as a result is all yours to keep, of course!

Does the promotion with AheadPR suit my budget?

You can choose among different packages, according to your budget and needs.
Check out our offers at http://www.aheadpr.com/offers

Is Paypal the only form of payment accepted?

We also accept payments made via debit and credit cards, and wire transfer.
Please note that these methods might delay the activation of your account for a few days though, until the payment has cleared.

Do you do PR for DJs as well?

We do not promote DJ mixes at this time.

Why do I have to upload my material before paying?

Because we have a strict quality control policy. We review each submission before asking a customer to pay for our services.

What contacts do you deal with or have access to?

It would be impossible to list the thousands of outlets we service. It has taken us many years of hard work to put together such a strong and precious database.

Please refer to http://www.aheadpr.com/outlets for a better outlook of those we service.

Don't forget you can also promote to your own contacts on top of ours, if you already have a network in place.

What is the length / term of the service...how long it lasts?

Our campaigns last 3 months. You will receive real time feedback, straight to your control panel.
Being a digital campaign the response is immediate and you are looking to have all your feedback within 2-3 weeks of sending the promo emails.

What is the pricing for the different packages being offered?

Our campaigns last 3 months and the prices are intended per release.

Are there other ways of knowing whether the material has been delivered to the recipient besides feedback responses?

We use a very reliable distribution system which provides us a report of the emails that have been sent out.
We also monitor any bounces and update our email database daily so the distribution is pretty accurate.
Those who choose not to give feedback simply show not to be interested in the product.
This is also very obvious by the fact that only those who leave feedback receive the free music - so that is a big incentive!
This is also a great way for you to know who has your music and who has not, and prevent illegal sharing.

Does Ahead do follow ups?

AheadPR doesn't follow up. The artist/label and the "media" are given the chance to communicate directly.
In fact, your contact info is clearly displayed on the promotion email that we send out (as well as your website and additional social networking pages).
Therefore any booking, licensing or collaboration is just an email away, for those interested!

Are there any differences / advantages in using a PR service based in UK/Europe?

The UK possibly offers the biggest and most developed music market. Our base in London is right in the thick of it and we are in constant contact with the most influential tastemakers.
On top of it, we cover promotion for most international territories as well anyway, so you get the best of both worlds!

Would you recommend we upload all of the songs from our album, or select the top tracks?

We recommend uploading the release in its entirety, particularly if you are promoting the release to press. For review purposes journalists need to have a clear picture of what they are writing about.

I am looking at the various options to choose: what would be the most effective approach for us?

Our Bundle offer, introduced in August 2009 is by far our best seller and the best value for money package.
It guarantees a complete exposure, across Tastemakers DJs, A&R's, International Press and Radio, and Event Organisers.
This helps you through getting precious support, coverage, airplay, collaboration opportunities and even bookings. 

I would like to become an affiliate of AheadPR. How do I go about it?

We are now welcoming affiliates and partners. To apply, register at www.aheadpr.com/affiliate_signup

I am having technical difficulties.

We have tested our promo system on both PC and Mac. On different browsers such as Safari Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it works perfectly. However should you have any problems please try refresh your browser, or try another browser. Also try emptying your browser's cache. Should you still have problems, please email us using our form.

Do the emails go out all at the same time?

Once the campaign has started, the emails go out over a few days time. This is to adhere to the web's anti-spam policies. 

You didn't find your answer here?

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