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London, April 2010 - With the revolution of the music market, so many things have changed: independent artists have saturated the market, and Itunes has become a music jungle. Since then the question has been: "how can one hope to have an independently released album or single, stand out from the masses?" In the past you had to have a substantial budget set aside to pay a PR company to mail out CDs and chase up journalists. Today (for a select few) it's pretty much the same as before but on the other side we see a multitude of multitasking musicians turned promoters, booking agents, publicists and bloggers. All this in a desperate attempt to get their music heard - with most of their communication landing in spam folders. Not very good is it?

Finally there is something in between. A service that makes positive results happen without breaking the bank. AheadPR promises to connect the dots between the independent artist/label and the media people who really matter with smart publicity and genre specific targeting. Those journalists whose words reach thousands, or millions of people every week; those DJs whose radio and club support can put your name of everybody's mouth. All in the most relevant way, where Sasha receives your Electronic single, and Gilles Peterson your Jazz record.

The company founder, Eleonora Cutaia, has created AheadPR with the internet revolution in mind. Having gathered experience in several areas of the music and media industry during the years (journalism, A&R, production, marketing and more), Eleonora is still involved in creative activities these days - staying close to the artists? and understanding their needs.

Catering to a multitude of genres (with a particular focus on Urban and Dance music) AheadPR promises results with its service. All this with you being in complete control of what's going on. In fact, the innovative technology behind the system allows you to construct your campaign around your needs (and budget!) while you monitor the results in real time. That's right: you receive your feedbacks direct! Also any work offered to you from any campaign carried out by AheadPR is in your benefit only without giving away 3rd party agency fees.

Sounds too good to be true? Well there is a catch: not everyone is admitted. It's not a posh guestlist policy, but only a strict quality control that makes AheadPR a rare gem in a greedy music industry.

Eleonora Cutaia

AheadPR was founded in 2006 by Eleonora Cutaia. Eleonora is mostly known within the music industry for her A&R, Marketing, Publicity, Booking and Journalist work over the years - giving her a rounded understanding of the various areas. On top of that, she is also comfortable on the other side of the game, being an International DJ herself! In fact, Eleonora has been featured on several International Press and Radio outlets. Recently she has also worked for Pioneer as a presenter in occasion of the new CDJ2000 launch.

Eleonora uses AheadPR to promote her releases on her own label Stilnovo Music. No wonder these days her work is charted and supported by some of the world's top DJs, from Laurent Garnier to Quentin Harris. Today AheadPR is still curated by Eleonora and her staff.

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